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6 Easy Halloween Costumes That Are Already In Your Closet.

6 Easy Halloween Costumes That Are Already In Your Closet.

Halloween is almost here, and if you're anything like us, between trunk-o-treats, spooky-themed socials, and parties, there is a need for multiple costumes. While a detailed look can take time to plan and even longer to create, the most convenient costumes are pieced together from your existing wardrobe. After all, if it will be taking up valuable real estate in your closet, you might as well get multiple wears throughout the year.



Cowboy boots and cut offs are good all year round but the addition of the Paprika bandana around your neck and a ten gallon hat makes your costume instantly recognizable. After a big buckle belt all you need is a lasso to rope in all the candy and compliments coming your way. 

 Fortune Teller

Your future is clear and it involves the Zetwal headwrap. Tie her up in full wrap fashion or loosly tie at the nape and drape over your shoulder. Whether you use a dress as your base or pair a long skirt and billowy blouse the key to this costume is a magic crystal ball. head-turning jewelry. Adorn your fingers, wrists and neck with jewelry then add the finishing touches of a shawl and a gauzy wrap around your waist. Adding an orb of glowing light will cement your place as an undeniable costume contest finalist.  


You don't have to go off planet for a far out look. The 70's are calling in the Yaya Light Bandana. Whether you tie this watercolored beauty in the traditional triangle shape or fold and wear across your forehead your hippie look isn't complete without it.  Channel peace, love, and happiness with platform shoes, a fringe vest, bell bottoms, and your favorite tie-dye shirt. Don't forget to stick a flower behind your ear.  Groovy baby. 


No B-girl outfit is complete with out a lid. The Kaya bucket hat is our headwear of choice along side shell top shoes, a vibrant track suit. In true hip hop fashion add a couple of gold chains to really set the look off and prepare to be challenged to dance battles all night long. Kaya/Mala Bucket Hat, shell top shoes, sweatshirt and sweatpants. 


Style from the early aughts is back and admit it, you wanted to tag along with Nebula and Zenon on their space travels.  Nebula's look is a little bit futuristic with an added emphasis on comfort - hello, layers and sneakers. Staying warm while having fun? Count us in.  Layer a purple vest and skirt over a hot pink jumpsuit then add two AU scrunchies as a finishing touch for a look thats out of this world. 

80's Fitness Instructor

Got a leotard and bike shorts? Great, your look as an aerobics instructor is almost complete.  Add the Petal double-sided headband flipped on the Pitaya side for boldness that screams "buns of steel". As the temperature drops swap your shorts for leggings and add leg warmers, the brighter the better.  Nothing says confidence like exercising in front of others except for wearing multiple bright colors at once. 






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