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Summer is a time for some good old-fashion love! The sun is shining, children are out of school, fresh fruits are found at every turn; Summer love is real! It should come at no surprise that many people get married during the warm Summer months. Meet Nikki (@_concreterose__)! She and her partner had a beautiful New Orleans wedding. Nikki caught our attention because like Paola, she chose to wear a Fanm Djanm headwrap with her wedding dress! Upon seeing her wedding pictures, our hearts melted and we reached out to find out more!  

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you (what identities do you play), what do you do and why?

My name is Nikki Dixon-Ewing. I am a wife, mother, yogi, teacher, student and a meditation facilitator. I love to write and I am a published author. I go by Concrete Rose which is inspired by Tupac's poem, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete”. It spoke to me and who I am as a strong woman.

Tell us how you met your partner! 

I met my husband at a family function. Our grandfathers were best friends so they grew up together, but over the years, they lost touch. Three years ago my grandmother grew ill so my family threw a party so she could see everyone together. She requested to see his family and to specifically see him. We didn't know each other and our first time meeting was at the party. We like say my grandmother set us up before passing away.

Describe the proposal...

He proposed two or three days after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston! He took me to where we had our first date. He even parked exactly where I parked! When we were leaving, he popped the question. I thought he was joking so I had him down on his knees for what felt like forever asking him if he was serious. It was just us, no cameras or theatrics, exactly how I wanted.

Why did you choose to wear a Fanm Djanm headwrap on your wedding day?

I chose Fanm Djanm because the wraps are so simple yet elegant. The turquoise wrap matched what I was looking for to a T! I looked for a while trying to find the perfect wrap. Everything redirected me back to Fanm Djanm. The material complemented the fabric of my gown and it's lightweight. I couldn't ask for anything more.

You got married in New Orleans. Why is this place significant to you?

Yes New Orleans! Since I was a little girl I always wanted to get married in New Orleans or by water. It was non-negotiable. New Orleans was also a central location for the those who traveled to attend our wedding. Plus everyone loves New Orleans! What sealed the deal is the Weeping Willow tree we married underneath. It's symbolic for fertility, strength, longevity and so much more.

What feeling went through your mind as you walked down the isle?

I honestly don't remember thinking. In the moment I was overcome with happiness. Before, I was ready to get everything over with and I couldn't wait any longer. But once it started, I was at peace and calm. And after, I was starving!

What ways do you show love? Not just to your partner, but to yourself as well.

To my husband I'm always saying I love you, I'm very affectionate and super goofy. I also bring him into my world so we meditate together, do yoga, crystals, the whole 9 yards. To others I am a servant. I lend a listening ear or I offer my gifts. When I'm not being a wife or friend and teacher, I'm often in silence and solitude spiritually getting myself together. I'm always reading and researching, dancing and doing yoga to connect with my body. Once in a while I like to treat myself to nice cup of tea or a glass of wine and a herbal bath.

What does being a Fanm Djanm mean to you?

Being a Fanm Djanm  is about creating. Creating your own path, breaking boundaries and stereotypes, taking action in your healing and evolution, honoring your history and knowing where you come from. That is why I chose to become a yoga instructor and meditation facilitator to guide people especially people of color back to themselves. We seek for an outside source and guide so often. That we forget that lies within. We would realize it if we just be still. I write to share my experience and journey in hopes to speak to atleast one person.

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