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Reading is important because it exercises the mind, introduces new concepts and develops the imagination. We’re excited to have our very own Fanm Djanm Book Club! In our quest to build a sisterhood and promote women empowerment, all of our book selections will feature female authors. Our first book selection was Children of Blood and Bone by Nigerian-American author Tomi Adeyemi.

In Children of Blood and Bone, Adeyemi creates the mythical land of orisha, where she magically weaves West african mythology with historical and modern day issues. The perspective alternates between Zelie, a maji of life and death that undertakes to bring back magic that was once stolen from orisha, Amari, the princess and DAUGHTER of king saran who is responsible for the lost magic, and Inan, the prince and amari’s brother who struggles with inner conflict especially when he finds out he too yields magic - the very thing he was taught to hate.

When zelie randomly encounters amari, their fates become intertwined as they embark on a risky journey that will give them a chance to bring magic back to orisha.

The novel is intended for young adults And brings much needed DIVERSITY to young readers.

Children of Blood and Bone is due to hit the big screen and is the first of a projected trilogy! So if you couldn't get enough of the novel, there are two more en route!

did you read our fanm djanm book of the month? Join the discussion! Tell us your thoughts on the novel. Some questions to consider and answer in the comments below:

  • What real world parallels (if any) can you draw between Children of Blood and Bone and our current social climate?

  • Why do you think adeyemi tells the story from three different point of views? Does this style add or subtract from the story?

  • Is King Saran justified in wanting to keep magic away? (Can tyrannies be justified?)

  • Who is your favorite character and why?

  • What Maji Clan would you belong to?

  • Is diversity important in Young Adult fictional books? Why or why not?

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