Haitian culture is rich in color and history. We were thrilled when Riva Nyri Precil started Tout Se Pa, her traditional Haitian Folkloric Dance workshop right in the heart of New York City. This year, we decided to partner with the Haitian star to highlight some of our favorite dances.

Tout Se Pa is an eight-week traditional Haitian Folkloric dance workshop created by singer/songwriter, Riva Nyri Precil. Each week focuses on a specific rhythm and its accompanying dance moves. Fanm Djanm partnered with Tout Se Pa to highlight some of the featured dances, which include: Yanvalou, Petro, and Rara.

The dance Yanvalou emulates the motion of the water and the serpent and is traditionally danced in all white. Some keywords to identify with it is initiation and purity.