WHO ARE YOU : I am Laolu Onabanjo, a travel and food content creator. 
WHAT WOULD YOU SAY MAKES YOU A FANM DJANM : Being a Fanm Djanm (a strong woman), to me, means empowering other people with either my story or my resources to be live their own lives and be deeply rooted in their own truth and their own unique lives 

IF YOU COULD TAKE ONE PHRASE AND TURN IT INTO A HEADWRAP, IN ORDER TO WRAP YOUR MIND IN THIS PHRASE, WHAT WOULD IT BE : I have 2: “Your greatest strength is to be yourself” and “You are ready to be happy with who you are.”
WHAT IS ‘THE HOUSE OF BOUGIELATIONS’ ? WHAT IS ITS IMPORTANCE TO YOUR OVERALL MESSAGE AS A YOUNG BLACK WOMAN?:  Haha the house of bougielations was coined by my Instagram community for my daily “bougielations” quotes which are a play on books in the Bible (for example: Revelations)- a book that some people look to for direction in life. 

As a young Black woman, When people refer to me, as “bougie,” they are typically referring to a woman who moves through life confidently and truly lives on her own terms and in her own truth, however, there is usually a negative connotation surrounding it to depict the woman as inaccessible, arrogant, or “stuck up.” Being bougie, to me, just means showing up as your true self in every space, exploring yourself and the world around you and historically, it scares/bothers people to see a young, Black woman endeavor to live successfully on her own terms. I had to redefine the term “bougie” for myself, in order to be comfortable with people calling me “bougie.” I am bougie, I aspire to be more bougie on my own terms, and I want more people in this House of Bougielations. That’s what bougielations are- relatable, everyday “verses” to guide people to live their absolute best lives on their own terms. 

AS AN AVID TRAVELER, WHAT IS THE PLACE THAT HAS LEFT THE GREATEST IMPACT ON YOU AND WHY?: Hong Kong and Nigeria. I was raised in Nigeria in a house with 4 Fanm Djanms (4 strong women) who truly lived according to their own terms. Seeing my mom, Aunt, Grandma, and Cousin truly define their lives taught me intuitively that I can do anything I want. Even though my culture and society constantly said that being a woman means “accepting that you are weak (even when you’re not), the women in my life showed me every single day that being a woman meant that you inspire, create, and defy odds. That is still how I live today, because those women lived without limits. Hong Kong was where I defined myself- it was the one place where no one had any expectations of who I should be in relation to anyone else.. I wasn’t a daughter o a tutor, I was simply Laolu Onabanjo. It was the first time I explored who I am to myself, was allowed to show that completely to the world, and be truly happy with my decisions everyday. I believe everyone needs that moment of solitude in order to truly define who they are, on their own terms.



AS YOU MOVE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, WHAT IMPACT WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEAVE?: I would like to expose people to different ways of living successfully on their own terms. So often, people are told what to do from a young age or we try to fit ourselves into a specific box in order to be successful. Through my story and my work, I want people to see that they can embrace every good aspect of who they are- their interests, desires, personalities- and be truly successful on their own terms- financially, mentally, and emotionally.