Hi, I'm Toni and I am part of the Fanm Djanm team. Recently, I traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco and here are some snippets of my adventures...

I didn’t know the official languages spoken in Morocco are Arabic and French or that as a black woman, I would hear racial slurs and be referred to as “Lupita” and “Nicki Minaj”. I didn’t know I would fall in love with the blush pinks and rustic colors of Marrakesh. And I surely didn’t know that Moroccan mint tea would change my life and the way I brew my mint tea for the better. The allure of travel, of going somewhere with a different culture, of learning new perspectives is a dream for many people. I stepped out of the airport doors with an open mind, an open heart and ready for memorable authentic experiences.  

The taxi driver took me to Riad Tammarakech, my home for the next few days. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden or courtyard. Riad Tammarakech was beautiful. It was characterized by both vibrant colors and textures. As a family owned business, the atmosphere felt cozy and welcoming. The family lived in the Riad and even had a dog running around. My host Sara, greeted me with a hug and served me Moroccan mint tea that warmed my soul. The tea was both sweet and refreshing. When Sara noticed how much joy the tea brought me, she promised to teach me how to make it. So yes, if you ever visit me, I will make you the second best Moroccan mint tea you've ever tasted. The first best is in Morocco of course! 

The rest of my Moroccan adventure was spent getting lost in the streets of the Medina, trying Moroccan food, and making friends with local people. One of my highlights was when a newly made friend invited me to join a group of friends to break their fast (it's Ramadan and Morocco is predominately Muslim). In that moment, as we sat and ate from the same plate, I looked around and I thought to myself, "this is what travel is about." Sitting around the table eating and laughing with people from a different culture and experiences, chatting as if we've known each other forever. 

Marrakesh, Morocco, I will definitely be back.