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Mother's Day Outfit Aesthetics

Mother's Day is right around the corner. In celebration of the incredible, strong women in our lives, reservations are made, and florals get arranged in preparation for brunch or another gathering around food. Often the last thing put together, though, is an outfit. Whether you get dressed from the bottom up, picking your shoes first , because comfort is essential, or let your accessories inspire your final look, we've compiled four aesthetics to consider before heading out. Step out of your comfort zone, and into the function, by trying on one of these looks.   



You can never go wrong with wearing black. If you're interested in trying out an edgier look (think modern-day Matrick - bantu knots and all) then an afro-futurism aesthetic might be up your alley. We'd suggest pairing dark denim, chunky boots, wallet or belt chains and dark shades with our Tumbao headwrap or the Paisley twisted headband. This look will not embody springtime colors, but walking into the festivities with a vibrant bouquet will offset the all-black energy.   



Who doesn't want to look like they've freshly emerged from a meadow of flowers? Fill up your Fuseini basket bag, add the Coconut Creme twisted headband, and a flouncy dress to live out your maiden dreams. The best thing about being inspired by any aesthetic is making it your own. We want to see if you know how to hit the cottage core nail on the head with less familiar pairings like pants or a headwrap. Use #inmyheadwrap on social to show us how you do it.  



Nothing says luxury like a monochromatic outfit. And while the color palette of neutral ensembles might be toned down, nothing else has to be. Experimenting with silhouettes, such as draping Fiore, add movement to your look, drawing all eyes to you. Playing with layers and different fabrics also creates many opportunities to mix and match while still staying true to a chromatically uniform look. A complimentary neutral look truly lets the world see your attention to detail. 



You don't want to enter the Mother's Day Brunch - you want to arrive. Maybe this is your first year celebrating as a mother yourself, or feel inspired by the emerging flowers to show off; either way, we live to stand out and know the AgZetwal, or Au are equally showstoppers upon entry. Go full glam with a color-blocked look or jungle patterning for a style that doesn't just stand out but runs wild. 


For more styling features check out our YouTube for edits such as Get Ready With Us (Bamboo Headwrap) and Style Picks with Paola (Kenyatta Ruched Headband)

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