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New Year, Peaceful You

Affirming 2022 as a peace-filled year means getting clear on the kind of life desired, holding boundaries, and shining bright, unapologetically. These things will look different for each of us.  What they all have in common though is the reminder of courage it takes manifesting one’s dreams. As we know, a dream without a plan is nothing more than a wish; here are five habits we’re implementing to ascend to a higher form of ourselves. These tweaks might take some getting used to but create meaningful impact both in the short term and the long run. You never know, one year from now life might be unrecognizable in the most amazing way. 


Staying True to Your Values

Let’s get straight to it.  How we spend our time is how we spend our lives. And our values directly influence what gets prioritized.  So, whether we take the time to decide how we want to live or fly by the seat of our pants and hope for the best, life reflects what we make space for.  For example, if Pearl is constantly in your style rotation and “life is an occasion” is your motto when it comes to constructing an outfit, beauty might be a core value.

Take 10 minutes, get a real pen and paper and think about what stirs you.

What are you curious about?

What can’t you get enough of?

What problem do you want to solve?

This list will likely come together slowly over time. Don’t be surprised when things change or drop off completely as your perspective grows. To sum it up I leave you with this Alice Walker quote, “Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.”

Start with Gratitude

Life Hack: It doesn’t matter whether it’s a presentation, family dinner, team meeting, or note to self, leading with gratitude will always get you far. Don’t believe me? When’s the last time you thought of someone as an absolute monster after they shared a genuine, heartfelt, thanks out loud? Gratitude signals maturity, a positive outlook, and the ability to stay objective in challenging situations aka not being consumed by it.  Plus, it puts you on the manifestation superhighway.  Start with a special Djanm in your life and share a message that shows you care. Consider sending a greeting card to the new mom in your life reminding her of the great job she is doing, how much her baby loves her, and that you’re here in support.  Being community means showing up. Let it be as simple as saying I love and see you.

Get Moving

This year, let’s view movement as building a relationship with our bodies. Exploring within the form we have and dropping the notion we must work on our bodies. We’re not vehicles or machinery.  We can, however, use movement to directly reorganize the brain with “patterned, repetitive, rhythmic activity” according to Dr.Bruce D. Perry.  In his book “What Happened to You?”, co-authored with Oprah, Perry goes on to explain movements such as walking, yoga, dance, and all sports dose our neural networks with regulatory and relational elements, supporting in bringing our core regulatory network back into balance. Meaning we become more present in the here and now. So, the next time you think of exercise solely as a physical element of wellness, think again! Movement is not some arbitrary do-good recommended by the medical industry and fitness fanatics. It is our mind’s direct link to processing our positioning in our community and environment. Let me go throw my hair up into a scrunchie and take a stroll around the block.

Denim scrunchie, African print scrunchies


Go the Extra Mile

The best quote I’ve heard, this year, so far, is “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”  If you routinely look for the path of least resistance, you know figuring out how to reap the maximum gain from minimum effort, you will find it. The reason being, everywhere you go… there you are. We repeat the patterns that led us to the current level of success for good reason – they work. But the only way to get further than you’ve ever been is to commit to doing things you’ve never done before.  Get used to “doing it now”.  About to place a bowl and spoon in the empty sink? Take off your bracelets and wash the dish. Do it now. Knocked out today’s to-do list and tomorrow’s first task will take less than 5-minutes to complete? Tackle it, do it now. Cut your path, decide to be better than you of yesterday, and show up with confidence knowing you can handle the heavy lifting. You’re built with the heart of a lion, my dear.


Prep the Night Before

Success boils down to one thing. Preparation. Professional athletes never compete without warming up. The best speakers in the world, no matter how experienced, practice their timing before appearing on stage. Water is wet, preparation is key. Cool? Cool.  Laying out your outfit the night before may seem like a trivial act but the opportunity it provides to reflect is the real difference-maker.  Will the selected items fit comfortably for the entire duration of activity tomorrow?  Is it clean? Let me check in with my calendar. Do I have enough time to eat, shower, style my hair, and dress before leaving out or am I relying on a stretch knit to pull this whole thing together?  Knowing your weaknesses is ultimately a strength when bold enough to do something about it.  Preparation leads to reflection, which ushers in better systems, which ultimately determine ones’ altitude. Start small with your clothes and the next day’s lunch then leave space to be surprised where this productive habit shows up next. A little goes a long way. Even to the top.



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