Summer is in full swing. I’ve been giving my hair a break most of the time. I use my head wraps to help me elevate some of my favorite looks. They’re the quickest and most efficient way to switch up my style. I rotate wearing my hair out as an afro, slicking it back in a back bun, or leaving it in small twists under wraps. I’ve been really loving our solid wraps, from stretchy, to flowy, to our stiffer kona collections. The stretchy head wraps are perfect for novices and they're incredibly lightweight! 

I find that my wardrobe has evolved into more effortless and flowy looks. Since I’ve had my second child, I’ve been into button ups and wrap tops a lot. They allow me to quickly breastfeed even on days I want to feel a little dressed up. I’ve also enjoyed styling my hair with our double sided headbands to help complement my wrap tops when I wear my hair back. I find that my style is constantly evolving, and my favorite silhouettes are femine, flowy, and easy. Below, you’ll find my top picks and how I enjoy styling them.
Headwrap: Petunia
Headwrap: Marigold
Headwrap: Goiaba
Headwrap: Pearl

Headwrap: Peony




Headwrap: Kokoye
Headband: Spots Double-sided