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We got a chance to catch up with Michelle Kaye, an artist, foodie, nature lover and fashionista from Pasadena, California! We love her adventurous spirit and traveled with her to the West Coast as she showed us snapshots of her hometown. After reading this, we can all agree that small town living is magical, colorful and everything in-between!

Michelle says:

I believe I’ve truly become a product of my environment. Growing up in Pasadena, my appreciation for different cultures, food, nature, and art probably comes from being constantly surrounded by it. Not only are we home to multiple museums, gardens, and libraries, but public art is everywhere. Andy Warhol even made his west coast debut here.

I grew up seeing our beautiful City Hall almost everyday when my parents would go to work. It’s intricate architecture takes you to another time. It’s a place I fell in love with early on and never get sick of.  

The Plaza Las Fuentes ,right across the street from City Hall, holds another place in my heart. Aside from its beautifully tiled courtyards and fountains I used to play in as a child, it also houses four business that employed my family at one point or another, including myself. 

Old town is the place to be. Foodies can rejoice, because whatever you’re in the mood for food wise they have it. All you fashionistas can celebrate as well because you can go from name brands to small boutiques to second hand all within walking distance. 

Pasadena, in a way, is a magical place. It’s a place where art is around every corner. Our New Years is spent watching floats made of flowers and plants, and little girls can grow up to be princesses. Greats like Jackie Robinson came from here, and minds like Einstein lived and worked here. I was born here, went to school, met my husband, got married, and hope to raise my family here.


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