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Style Picks With Poya | Marigold, Nala, and Bamboo Headwraps

As a muse and model, Poya Seck makes garments come alive - and confesses her style is all over the place. A lover of multiple silhouettes, she enjoys oversized clothing in addition to more structured pieces. Follow along as she breaks down three headwrap favorites, Marigold, Bamboo and Nala.  

Regardless of your present length, headwraps are an effortless hair solution. Poya's platinum-colored cropped look becomes a soft landing for the golden ribbed knit headwrap. Styled with high-waisted flare jeans and an asymmetrical top, Poya allows Marigold to be the statement piece for a casual evening out.  

Next up is Nala. The stiffer wax cotton serves up dynamic looks during the evening hours. Poya decides to pair her backbun with a fitted orange dress and Erin Niguel Earrings. By finishing off her outfit with sneakers bar hopping just got comfortable again. 

We love an Earth tone that doesn't sink into the background. Poya layered Bamboo, our green stretch knit, over a base wrap creating a top bun. Stretch knits provide easy wrapping and a sturdy hold that won't budge throughout the day. With textured pants for effect, Poya demonstrates a fun daytime outfit to run errands. 

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