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The Signs as Accessories

The Signs as Accessories

Spring, as a season, is deeply unpredictable. One minute it's warm, then rainy, then there's the threat of snow. Nature recalibrates, and the astrological calendar resets. The arrival of spring, and Aries season, announces fashion's switch up alongside the seasons. Read on to learn which accessory (out)fits your zodiac sign best.

Aries (March 21st - April 19th)
For a fire sign, Aries sure take time to warm up before shedding their chillier exterior. We get it. As a leader, you're a risk-taker craving adventure and not the type to let anyone get in the way. As a cardinal sign, and at the start of the zodiac calendar, you're comfortable taking charge and unafraid to be seen. You're essentially the Ag Headwrap, a stand-out that breaks from routine. Some see it as stubborn and ready to defend at a moment's notice; you know you're sensitive deep down and what matters to you. Flame on! Just don't let that fieriness burn a bridge.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)
Trustworthy, timeless, and dependable Taurus, you're the zodiac's Poze Dark. Your down-to-earth nature and gentle kindness make you a favorite amongst your loved ones. They know you will show up when needed. You value relationships, and your word is your bond. That consistency goes both ways. You tend to fall to extremes, and once someone has lost your trust, you will be consistently disinterested. It sucks to be them. While you aren't the most adventurous or spontaneous of the zodiac, friendship with you is always in fashion like good 'ol American denim.

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
Freedom is crucial to you, Gemini. In short, your presence in restrictive situations, relationships, or work will be short-lived. As the zodiac's social butterfly, you're full of ideas and information. However, your desire for newness can lead to indecisiveness and inconsistency in more routine areas of life. You're more likely to march to the beat of your drum, which can be both rewarding and leave you scattered. Tie up loose ends with a double sided headband. As the most versatile accessory in our collection, the options for styling, like avenues for your success, are endless.

Cancer (June21st - July 22nd) 

One word: Intuition. Cancers are ruled by the moon and share a common trait with the satellite - fearlessness in initiating new cycles. You summer babies are outstanding leaders, which makes pivoting a breeze. And like any great leader, you know your blindspot, finishing, and get assistance seeing things through to completion. Your collaborative nature means you always know who to call.  Like a ruched headband, you're great at gathering; you easily piece people (and outfits) together. You execute. Period. Be sure to take time to recharge. You're known for being a little crabby (sorry, I had to) when you skip self-care. 

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd) 
Oh the fearless lion. You fully embody summer as a fixed sign (signs that come after cardinal signs which open the season and before mutable signs that signal the transition away). Think of your abilities as a reflection of the ripeness and abundance of the summer months. You're bucket hat cool. Your affinity for storytelling is a sign of a true artist at heart. So what if you're a little bit of an attention hog? Your persistent goal chasing and competitive nature ensure the spotlight stays on you. Tell the competition to keep up.  

Virgo ( August 23rd - September 22nd)  
Virgos are bound for prosperity. Represented by the goddess of agriculture and wheat, Virgos are people of the Earth. Virgos know how to work towards a goal by being flexible, multitasking, and never shying away from getting a little sweat on their brow. Bring some softness to your toil with a bandana, a classic protectant from the sun and symbol of hard work. Here's your reminder to rest after a season of harvest. You are ambitious and organized at your best but can quickly shift to being critical and stubborn when taxed. Take it easy, my friend. Your perfectionistic qualities aren't exactly subtle, but luckily, they won't run off those meant to be in your life. Think of every relationship as the wind and let what comes to come, and allow what leaves to go. You got this. 

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd) 
Balance isn't simply a preference for you, Libra; it's a full-on requirement. Peace, love, and harmony are non-negotiables. You can also thank being ruled by Venus for beauty being a core value. Some might think that makes you shallow or overly involved in the material. Still, it is the core of your superpower:  finding the good in situations and people. You create beauty all around you. There's a  timeless quality about you, similar to the enduring allure of the Tumbao headwrap. Remember to take off the rose-colored sunglasses at times, though. Seeing the good in everyone can make you vulnerable to forgiving even when a person might not deserve a second chance. Focus on you and not on hoping people get what's coming to them. Goodness always prevails - the scales always balance. 

Scorpio ( October 23rd -November 21st)
Blessed are those loved by a Scorpio because they have experienced true passion. For the uninitiated, Scorpio's are known for bringing the heat. As reliable lovers, you're known for following through with your promises. You're steadfast and disciplined unless of course, your efforts aren't reciprocated. You fall hard and fast and like, no love, the reassurance you are the prize of your partners eye. When all's good, there's no problem, and hell to pay otherwise. Handling conflict isn't your strong point and you are super quick to block and delete. Your love is tender but firm and known as the lap of luxury. You're the essence of a silk headwrap - effortless romance. 

Sagittarius ( November 22 - December 21st)
Sagittarius, you're always called for a good time; you're the fun friend. What else is there to do but enjoy the vibe, right? You're pretty much the best of both worlds. As a mutable sign, you're focused and flexible in obtaining success and diligent in acquiring knowledge. You spread the love, intelligence and laugh in the face of those who say it's impossible to have it all. You'll let them know firsthand when you make it to the top. You're skilled at reflecting on your past, extracting the lesson, and moving on. There isn't much to it but that. Anything more, and it'll ruin the lightness of the vibe. You believe in deep-felt joy and abundance, the lushness a velvet headwrap provides. Your beauty and brains combo keeps you playful but not something to play with.  

Capricorn ( December 22nd - January 19th)  
Capricorn, you need to chill. You're excellent and laser-focused, but are you taking care of yourself, sis? How will you enjoy all the blessings coming your way if you are burnt out all crazy by the time they arrive. You need some R&R stat! You know how we try to "make up" for lost sleep by diving into bed and disappearing for a few hours? The same applies to headwrap bundles. Consider making up for lost time by ensuring your hair is cared for by soft snag-free knit fabric.  *whispers* the soft life chose you. Don't go against nature's best interest for you. Rest, even if it means skipping a few laps around the competition.  

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
You're not about the drama Aquarius. You're too busy crafting your vision of the future to create friction. As the fixed sign of the winter season, you've had an independent nature since birth. It is nothing to bare the sharpness of the cold because you turn to yourself for warmth, encouragement, and strategy. While collaborative, you hate being told what to do. You thrive solo making it easy to keep your cards close to your chest. An ideal quality for easy slipping in and out of group situations. You're flexible and easily adaptable like a satin scrunchie. The world's a better place with you in it, Aquarius. Give others a chance to see how loving you are and consider opening up.  

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
Water allows you so much freedom, Pisces. Whether the sight or sound of the ocean or the cleansing quality of tears, you seek H2O when in deep thought. Which can be often. In the best sense possible, you're rarely present. Always head in the clouds imagining a new world for yourself and your loved ones. Be sure to take care of business Earthside to keep your relationships evenly balanced. Prioritizing your own needs makes it easier to know what's yours and what's a projection from others as your star continues to rise. You're growing, trying, and learning, and a stretch knit headwrap can keep up with all your changes. Flow like water and show all the dreamers out there that nothing is impossible.




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