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Wedding Season Attire: Headwraps

If this time of year has you constantly (re)checking your calendar and PTO dates to ensure they line up, you're likely not alone. The Knot, asserts a whopping 80% of all weddings happen between May and October. June is especially popular because of superstition - the month's name comes from the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno - and its seasonally fair weather. Suppose your hairdresser cancels or your hair decides not to play fair while gearing up to celebrate love in various forms. In that case, a headwrap is not only a quick solution but also adds a layer of luxury and freedom to your overall attire. 

Headwraps are an ideal hair solution to craft elegant, comfortable, and sweat-proof styles taking you from the first kiss to cake cutting. Whether a guest, coordinator, in the bridal party, or the intended, we've put together an edit featuring styles to inspire your look. Dive into this guide and leave all the heavy decision-making for the people at the altar.


Wedding Guest 

As a guest, your job is easy - celebrating the happy and looking amazing while doing it.   Depending on your background, your culture might see a guest not stepping out in a statement-making look as disappointing as coming underdressed. Leave nothing up to chance and pair a vibrant headwrap like Living Coral with a hot pink outfit to boldly color block.   With your tresses tucked away, there's no need to leave the dance floor in fear or frizz or flyaways which is the real win.  Ruched headbands like Sapphire and Kenyatta provide a flirty alternative for loose tresses during day gatherings, and the Jade twisted headband ups the romance for nuptials slated for evening hours. Be prepared to be asked, "where did you get that?" all night long. 



Love looks many ways and ceremonies are an opportunity to showcase that uniqueness both inside and out.  Modern couples often follow the beat of their own drum by centering their day around custom plans rather than tradition. Often shirking traditional wedding attire and weekend plans for weekday weddings and darker color pallettes.  Let your outfit on the big day reflect what it feels like to be next to your beloved: comfortable confidence -no forced feelings while being completely secure in who you are.  Consider matching your headwrap to your alter attire if unapologetically being yourself oftens looks like standing out from the crowd. All eyes will be on you, so choose between equally showstopping options. Consider a structured look, like a back bow in Pearl go full glam in Zetwal,  or reflect the love you deserve in metallic AG



Wedding Party

It is usually the sign of a good time when "party" is in your job description. Being part of someone's support squad can involve stepping in where they are needed but unfortunately unavailable.  Headwraps relinquish the need for hours long hair dressing during an important day.  This allows you to be more present and available during those all important prep hours before the ceremony. Headwraps can also serve as contrast between the wedded individual and their party.  Djon DjonTumboa, and Tango, compliment traditional black and blue suits while Lanmou, Marmalade, and Iolite provide a cheery lift to the party's palette. 


Second to the couple getting wed, you are the most crucial person in the room. When guests are unsure where to go or what to expect next, they will look for the coordinator. When the programming is running off schedule, or staff need to know the couple's preferences, you're the person to call. Why not let your calling card be "the person with the fabulous headwrap will be happy to help you!" A huge part of the job is being available, so it only makes sense to be on display.  With an all-black uniform, look as polished as your work ethic in Dahlia or our Spots double sided. 

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