Do you have a physical store I can visit? How can I buy your headwraps in-person?
Currently, Fanm Djanm does not have a physical store location; we are an e-commerce shop only. That being said, we frequently host pop up shops! You can see all of our upcoming pop ups and events.

I noticed that the _____ headwrap is out of stock! When will this be re-stocked?
If a headwrap is still listed on the Fanm Djanm website, but is marked as 'sold out,' we're most likely bringing it back! If you do not see the headwrap listed (i.e., you saw it in a past LookBook, on Instagram, etc.), we are no longer selling that print/pattern. We try to re-stock our items as quickly as possible; please allow a few weeks for the item to be re-stocked.

Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately, we do not take custom orders at this time. Some of our products are “made to order” which is different from custom orders.

I just made an order but I want to cancel, what can I do?

Once you place your order, any refund will be in the form of store credit. As a small business, we are charged for refunds which hurts us. Please be sure you want to place an order before hitting the confirmation button! Thank you for understanding.

Can I get a sale adjustment?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer sale price adjustments on any special promotions that temporarily reduces the price of an item. Additionally, we are unable to add a promo code that you failed to use on a purchase. You may save it and use on your following order assuming the code is still valid.

I received the wrong item, what should I do?

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We do our best to make your shopping experience with Fanm Djanm magical. Please send us an email at hello@fanmdjanm.com with your order number, and we will fix our error at no additional cost to you.


Will my package arrive by X date? Do you have expedited shipping for international orders?
To find more information about our shipping policies, please head over to

I made a mistake in my shipping address, what do I do?

Please reach out within 24 hours to correct an address error. We do our best to ensure your package reaches you so you can rock your Fanm Djanm headwraps and accessories. After your order has been shipped, we cannot change the address and are not responsible for misdirected packages. Please see our shipping policy for more information.


I love your company! I'm a white woman and I want to wear a headwrap. What do you think?

AH! The appropriation versus appreciation debate!  Thank you for checking in on such a sensitive topic. We make headwraps for everyone. Worldwide, tying a piece of cloth around your head isn’t specific to any cultural group. However, since Fanm Djanm is black owned and presents carefully curated images around black womanhood, it is easy to think that’s our sole audience.  Take into the consideration the following.

In the historical context, black hair is not just hair. The policing of black hair pre-dates the Tignon Laws of 1786, which enforced knotted head coverings and banned embellishments on the heads of Black and mixed race women outside the home, and extends into the present day as it was only in 2014 the United States military included cornrows and braids within their list of acceptable hairstyles while on duty. These examples highlight hair is shrouded in personal, political, and social nuances that make people of color protective of its imagery. 

Head coverings, thereby, carry in the same vein due to proximity - think du-rags, stocking caps, headwraps etc. They are just as personally, politically, and socially steeped in nuance. That being said, we would suggest researching different wrapping styles to ensure they do not hold cultural significance. For example, Nigerian women wear 'geles,' a traditional headwrap for specific + special occasions - wearing a headwrap tied in this style if not Nigerian would likely cause issues. Our tutorials page shows many ways to tie your headwrap, including styles that are not tied to any specific culture. Some of our more neutral wrapping styles are as follows: Three Knot Bandeau, Nefertiti Half Wrap, Full Bandeau, Bandeau Headband. We suggest taking a look!

In sum, we welcome you to take in these considerations and engage with our products in a way that makes you comfortable.  It is important to us to encourage you to wear them for bold self expression and hope you consider our many fabrics which are solid-colored or non-traditional patterns.

Our tutorials page shows many ways to tie your headwrap, including styles that are not tied to any specific culture. Some of our more neutral wrapping styles are as follows: Three Knot BandeauNefertiti Half WrapFull BandeauBandeau Headband. We suggest taking a look!