Why don’t you come in
And stay awhile? You are welcome here.
You are celebrated here. Take a seat
And stay awhile.

Our campaigns have always focused on sisterhood, strength, and freedom. This season we wanted to touch on the important role of the matriarch. Many of us were raised by women who are the “poto mitan” of the family (the backbone, the person in charge). We often don’t always realize how much their roles play into our lives until we’re a little older. How their strengths, sacrifices and values shape the women we eventually become. Just the other day, my one year old heard a loud noise while playing in the yard. The first thing she did was run in my direction, while shouting “momma”! She hugged my knees with all her might because in her mind, I was there to take care of her. And she was correct... Whether I was ready or not, my duty was to protect her, and to make her feel safe. This is what we tried to do with our latest campaign, “Stay Awhile” because in the end, we want you to feel welcome, safe, and celebrated.

Creative Director/Headwrap Stylist: Paola Mathe; Wardrobe Stylist/Set Design: Jessica Faria; Photographer: Jana Cantua; Makeup Artist: Benthany Renfro
Models: Renee Kaplowitz, Riley Blanks, Laolu Onabanjo, Whitney Lambert, Melat Kassa

stay awhile with fanm djanm