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3 Headwrap Outfit Ideas For The Cool, Edgy Girl!

3 Headwrap Outfit Ideas For The Cool, Edgy Girl!

Step into the fierce world of Pamela Holmes, a model and content creator based in Harlem. Pamela embodies "roll out of bed into fabulousness" with an edgy and street vibe. Pamela's fashion DNA is infused with her mother's legacy, reimagined with her own bold, unapologetic flair. 

Her color of choice? Black - because it's a statement. A declaration of sophistication, versatility, and undeniable power. Wearing a headwrap is a reaffirmation of her roots, an embodiment of regal grace, and a celebration of her inherent beauty.

Central to Pamela’s dynamic style is her signature bald hairstyle. Whether she wears her shaved head out and free for all to see or tucked underneath one of our headwraps, there’s one thing we know for sure. Pamela Holmes is a style icon.

Let’s Celebrate the Looks!

-Pamela wears a crisp white blouse with sheer puff sleeves under a denim corset that adds a modern, structured edge. The look is completed with knee-length denim shorts and our striking metallic Disco Headwrap over our Medium Wrap Base.

-An oversized black coat drapes elegantly over a textured white knit crop top, paired with high-waisted black trousers that taper to the ankle. Pamela finishes the look with chunky lace-up boots and is crowned with our statement Tumbao Headwrap over our Medium Wrap Base.

- Pamela sports a cream trench coat and a green collared blouse accompanied by a red lip to bring a pop of color to the ensemble. To top off the look, she wears our Poze Light Headwrap over the Medium Wrap Base.

Are you bald like Pamela and looking to try out similar headwrap styles? Check out our tutorials!


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