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Meet Fanm Djanm Muse: Regine Roumain!

Meet Fanm Djanm Muse: Regine Roumain!

We are so excited to feature Régine Roumain, founder and executive director of @haiticulturalx in Brooklyn, New York. Régine was kind enough to invite us into her home to learn about her work and what motivates her.⁠

As a result of the Haitian Diaspora, New York City has been home to a vibrant community of Haitian-Americans for decades. Despite the presence of this sizable population, Régine saw that the cultural and artistic offerings of Haitians were both underappreciated and overlooked. Drawing on her previous experience in the nonprofit sector, Régine created Haiti Cultural Exchange in 2009 with the mission of promoting Haitian art and shining a spotlight on those who are driving such efforts both in Haiti and abroad. ⁠

Since the genesis of Haiti Cultural Exchange, Régine and her collaborators have helped to shine a light on Haitian creatives as well as strengthen the connection that Haitian-Americans have with their roots be it through film, music, or the visual arts. We hope you stay tuned to learn more about Régine Roumain and Haiti Cultural Exchange. 

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