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A Celebration of Vibrance




Fanm Djanm has journeyed from a budding idea in 2014, crafting our first headwraps in Harlem, NY, to blossoming into a vibrant accessory and lifestyle brand that champions the essence of colorful, bold living.

We are a self-funded, Black-owned business powered by a small, dedicated team.

Fanm Djanm, a bold headwrap brand, was lovingly launched by Paola Mathé from her apartment in 2014 starting with a collection of eight unique headwraps sold directly to customers over the weekends. This humble beginning marked the inception of a brand deeply rooted in the celebration of vibrance.

Where It all started

Fanm Djanm became a familiar sight in numerous markets across New York. Paola traveled from one location to another, her inventory in tow, to share her colorful headwraps with the good people of NYC.

Selling in market

Once we had established a burgeoning client base, Fanm Djanm outgrew Paola's home office and transitioned to its first dedicated office space in Harlem!

First office in Harlem

Fanm Djanm hosted its first international pop-up event in Trinidad, marking a significant milestone in the brand's journey. This jet-setting venture not only introduced Paola's unique headwraps to a new audience but also celebrated the brand's global appeal and connection!

First international pop-up

We reached a remarkable milestone when we were featured in the New York Times for the first time!

First feature in a major publication

As we continued to flourish, the need for more space became evident, leading to the move to an even larger office in Brooklyn!

Bigger office in Brooklyn

In a time of global change, Fanm Djanm moved its headquarters to Austin, marking the occasion with a rebranding to reflect its evolving identity.

Move to Austin/ Rebrand

Our custom headwrap graced the red carpet in collaboration with Radha Blank for the Gilded Age Met Gala 2022.

Met Gala

A new chapter, Fanm Djanm celebrated a significant milestone by opening its first brick-and-mortar storefront in Austin and started a program of in-store events to foster connections within the community.

Storefront Inaugural Open

After years of dedication and creativity, we introduced the Wrap Base, a revolutionary hair solution envisioned by Paola that enables the creation of tall and voluminous headwrap styles in seconds!

Wrap base

During New York Fashion Week, we collaborated with Banana Republic for a pop-up event which provided a wonderful opportunity for us to meet many of our customers face-to-face and connect with them personally.

NYF Pop up Banana Republic collab


Born from a commitment to sustainable practices and a heart rooted in sisterhood, we’ve evolved, producing our zero-waste products locally in Austin, TX.


Head wrapping is easier than you think! We've created a library of tutorials to help you with your journey.


Limited edition vintage Fanm Djanm logo

Ten Years. I still remember the first time I thought about starting Fanm Djanm. It felt like such a silly, far-fetched idea then. I was a restaurant manager. I lived in a studio apartment. I still had student loans to pay. I had no business experience and I had no resources. The idea came to me time and time again, but I kept brushing it off. It started to infiltrate my thoughts so much that it kept me up at night. I told myself there was no way someone with so little experience or resources could start anything like that. But another part of me asked, “If not you, then who?” Fanm Djanm has remained small over the years. We do not produce in big factories or operate in massive warehouses. Production has always been local to wherever I’ve lived. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to create something with impact no matter how big or small. Fanm Djanm has never been just about the cloth we wrap our heads with. It has always been rooted in sisterhood. I’m not just using the word as a marketing jargon. From the beginning I imagined women in their own corners...

Paola Mathe

Featured Collection

Nightshade Blue & Purple Tie Dye Print Cotton Headwrap
Aurora Blue & Green Tie Dye Print Cotton Headwrap
Sunset Orange & Yellow Tie Dye Print Cotton Headwrap
Malbaie Blue Woven Cotton Headwrap
Currant Light Pink & White Stripe Woven Cotton Headwrap
Khaki Tan & White Stripe Pattern Woven Cotton Headwrap
Sangria Burgundy Dupioni Silk Luxury Headwrap