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Get as familiar with our wax and Bogolan prints, as you are with silk and velvet fabrics. 

We provide a complete breakdown of fabrics used across our accessories, which supports you in making informed decisions about your hair.


As cozy as your favorite cardigan, our ribbed knits offer a breathable bit of comfort year-round. Thanks to their unique, poly spandex blend these stretch knits give you a flexible four way stretch, perfect in the hands of beginners and pros alike.

Benefits of using ribbed knit: Cozy, lightweight, and soft on skin and hair. Moisture wicking, stays cool in warmer weather.

Garment Care: Hand wash in cold water, or machine wash on cold with similar colors; Dry flat. Iron low. (Do not tumble dry)

Where we use it:


Fabric Description: Known for its luxurious and smooth draping qualities Satin is not only a fabric but a weave pattern made using filament fibers from silk, nylon, polyester, or a blend.   Originating in 12th century China, Arab merchants came to know the city by the distinct fabric it produced, “Zayton”, as they called it.  While it does not breathe as well as natural silk the effect of the fabric is very much similar.  Reach for  a satin accessory when looking to add timeless elegance and soft luxuriousness to your look. 


Benefits of using satin: Keeps hair shiny. Prevents hair loss. Acts as a barrier against moisture absorbing fabrics. Reduces frizz.

Garment Care: Hand wash in cold water and rinse well. Instead of wringing dry, lay flat and press 

water out of fabric.

Where we use it:


Velvet. If the name alone conjures decadent images of chocolate and champagne, that is because the name has become synonymous with luxury and refinement. If you are looking to top off an ensemble with unrestrained elegance, then choose velvet for a rich, butter smooth finish with slight stretch.

Benefits of using velvet: Breathable, durable, and soft. This fabric is soft and kind on skin and hair. It is extremely breathable and resistant to mold. Velvet has a high fiber count which makes it durable, and resistant to water.

Garment Care: To maintain this lux material, if washing at home, we recommend  hand washing with mild soap, then air dry or simply drop it off at your local dry cleaner. 


Bogolanfini, with a name which loosely translates to “cloth by means of earth”, these distinctive prints are all handmade and as distinct as the hands that made them. Indigenous to Mali, the unique textile designs are traditionally created using mud and baths of leaves and assorted plants, then left to dry. Although modern methods may vary, the beauty of the artistry remains unparalleled. Due to the dye process, expect each print will vary slightly. Smudges and bleeding may occur as part of the natural dying process, we hope you welcome these subtle imperfections as character, unique to every print as to every individual. 

Garment Care: Hand wash in cold water, or machine wash on cold with similar colors; hang to dry. Iron on the opposite side of the pattern.


Feather-light and airy, Linen is a natural fiber derived from the flax plant. Using less resources in its production than, say, cotton, it is considered by many to be a sustainable choice even when it is not grown organically. Offering minimal stretch, it is a cool and versatile option for warm weather and our go-to in the humid months of Summer. 

Garment Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water, or machine wash at the same temperature with similar colors; hang to dry. Iron on low.


First produced in France, and now synonymous with American style, Denim is the sturdy, casual, and low-key choice for anyone looking to add a bit of style with ease. Don’t let the thought of starched and freshly pressed jeans scare you, our lightweight denim chambray is soft to the touch and only gets softer with time! 

Garment Care: Hand wash in cold water, or machine wash on cold with similar colors; hang to dry. Iron on low.


Fabric Description: Known for its luxury and durability, Silk is made by a number of different insects in the creation of their cocoons, which is then spun into a usable fabric. The crisp and lustrous Dupioni is used in the creation of Fanm Djanm headwraps. Though it offers no stretch, our highly textured silk offers not only a unique look, but a great deal of versatility when creating more elaborate formal headwrap styles. Create a bow, make a flower, or simply spin the silk into your own modest cocoon, the options are endless and the limit’s the sky. 

Benefits of Silk: Silk has an esteemed reputation due to its luxurious feel, instantly recognizable look, and durable, natural origins.  It is a hypoallergenic material, breathable, and does not absorb your hair and skin’s natural oils. It is the pinnacle of opulence. 

Garment Care: We highly recommend dry cleaning this delicate fabric. Dry cleaning will ensure the wearability of our silk headwraps for years to come.


Flowy, lightweight, and breezy — Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made from regenerated cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp. Valued for its breathability and ease, it lends itself well to either casual or formal looks and is an excellent choice for wrapping beginners and pros alike. 

Benefits of using rayon: Beautiful and luxurious appearance. Soft and comfortable on skin and
hair. Absorbs water and moisture and stays cool in warmer seasons.This fabric is soft and kind on skin and hair. It is extremely breathable and resistant to mold.

Garment Care: To extend the life of your rayon, we recommend hand washing your headwrap or machine washing on cold, then laying flat to dry. 


Don’t be intimidated. Our wax prints are 100% cotton with a smooth wax finish. Stiff to the touch, time, and a few wears and washes, transform the material into a cloudlike headwrap, perfect for protecting your delicate edges. Suitable for structural styles, expect no stretch but a great deal of sophistication when pairing our wax prints with either formal or informal looks. As we say: first impressions aren’t everything.


Garment Care: Hand wash in cold water, or machine wash on cold with similar colors; hang to dry. Iron on the opposite side of the pattern.


More than a mere brand, Kona Cotton is a name that reflects quality. This durable, yet lightweight quilting cotton provides minimal stretch and a wide variety of vivid, vibrant colors. 100% cotton, Kona Cotton is the only cotton that bears Oeko-tex certification, meaning no harmful chemicals are used in its production, so you can worry a little less about the environment and focus on styling. In conclusion: if you’re looking to add a pop of color to casual or semi-formal looks, Kona Cotton is the choice for you. 

Garment Care: Kona cotton does not bleed when washed, thus we recommend you hand wash in cold water, or machine wash on cold with similar colors. Though it has minimal shrinkage, hang to dry to maintain the integrity of the fabric. Iron on the opposite side of the pattern.


Fabric Description: Love a luxury look while being kind to the planet? Faux leather imitates the look and feel of genuine leather while being less expensive, easier to clean, and more resistant to water and stains. It is also vegan and eco-friendly, as it doesn't require animal hides in its production. The base is polyester, and the surface features smooth stretchy spandex material, with a subtle shine that mimics the natural sheen of genuine leather

Garment Care: Gently spot clean with mild soap and cold water. Hand wash in cold water; hang to dry.

Benefits of Faux Leather: Edgy and versatile, faux leather is very durable, provides a generous stretch and adds rich texture to your most dramatic looks. It is also vegan and eco-friendly, as it doesn't require animal hides in its production. 

Where we use it:

Tumbao Black Faux Leather Luxury Headwrap
Best Seller
Tumbao Black Faux Leather Twisted Headband
Tumbao Black Faux Leather Twisted Headband
Best Seller


Smooth and soft to the touch, woven cotton is gentle but durable for all your adventures. It stays put when draped because it is crafted by two threads coming together at right angles in an over under pattern. While a thin, light weight material, woven cotton is very forgiving when layered over locs, braids, and  jumbo twists as it smooths and hides lumps and bumps.

Garment Care: Hand wash separately cold, line dry, cool iron

Benefits of Woven Cotton: Woven cotton combines the trusted durability and lightness of cotton with ready-to-wear softness and zero stretch.