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Ti Mache is Haitian Kreyol for “Little Market”. At Fanm Djanm, ‘Ti Mache’ is a bazaar of carefully curated artisan products that align with our mission. These handcrafted pieces are made by brands who center community and sustainability.



A A K S, founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, showcases Ghanaian weaving techniques, promotes ethical production, and champions sustainable fashion. Handcrafted in Ghana, A A K S handbags preserve weaving as an art form with vibrant African colors. The brand's design philosophy focuses on meticulous craftsmanship, ethical practices, and exclusive, non-mass-produced items.

Sharee Miller

Sharee Miller is a celebrated illustrator and author, famous for her bestselling book "Curlfriends: New in Town" and the acclaimed "Don't Touch My Hair." Her work reflects the vibrant colors and sunshine of her upbringing in St. Thomas, featuring fresh, cheerful characters that embody the essence of black joy.

Made By Ag.

Lingua Nigra

Lingua Nigra jewelry is inspired by nature, with a focus on ancient talismans, Victorian era work and mourning sentimental jewelry. Handmade of brass, silver, and gold, each piece is a work of art meant to be worn on the daily. With nods to everything from markings on beetles to the textures on trees, Lingua Nigra is meant to evoke a timeless feeling.

Haiti Design Co.

Haiti Design Co is a training and production center employing over 150 people in Haiti. The organization houses and partners with production teams working in many types of artisan crafting, including leatherwork, sewing, jewelry making, aluminum casting, metal work, weaving, beadwork, horn & bone, tailoring, and shoe making.

Bijou Lakay

Bijou Lakay is a Haitian woman-owned business creating artisan offerings that walk the line of crafts and fashion.  The sustainably sourced bullhorn accessories are one-of-a-kind,  made under fair-trade and zero waste practices. Your purchase directly supports the continued production of distinct craftsmanship and invests back into the local economy of those making these notable creations.