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Sustainability means to coexist.  We consciously create while keeping in mind the environment and the people that share it. 

Named in the image of the women entrepreneurs in Haiti’s market, we are deeply connected to how the actions of one person can create change for everyone around them.  

We began our journey in sustainability with our Zero Waste initiative, whereby excess fabric is recycled and transformed into something equally exciting.  We value the education and changes that will come as we do our part to upkeep a green planet and pride ourselves on being transparent in the process.

The fashion industry has one of the largest carbon footprints globally.  At Fanm Djanm we are doing our part to create sustainable practices and pieces without sacrificing the quality you’re accustomed to.  By doing so we are able to offer creative, limited-edition items crafted from the same fabrics of our renowned wraps.

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Our commitment to producing less waste is able to be passed on to you, our customers, through discounts in our sample sales and one of a kind items. You benefit, we stay creative, and most of all the environment rejoices.

100% of our scrunchies and headband, adult and children, are made from remnant content. Standard, no exceptions. In the spirit of the generations of strong women who’ve come before us, we believe in making something thoughtfully prepared from even the smallest of materials. 


Every fabric used in the creation of our accessories is hand picked and hand made. We find it important to ensure you receive a quality product as beautiful and unique as your natural hair. We extend that same level of care to our treatment of the planet.

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All items are crafted in house in Austin, Texas. We are a small but diligent team and center the empowerment of our woman makers through transparency, fairness, and equality. 

We accept the challenges to find creative solutions from complex issues which then provide you with a uniquely eco-friendly item. 

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