There is magic in soulful sisterhood

We danced




Excited our taste buds with dinner prepared by a 5-star chef

Sipped colorful cocktails

Enveloped by loving warm energies

Adorned in our Fanm Djanm headwraps

Encouraged by women who respect and show kindness

We felt loved



At peace

All of us women

Coming together from different experiences

United by the common language of sisterhood

Finding freedom in spaces that allow us to be authentic

There is magic in soulful sisterhood

Surround yourself with women who bring out the best in you

And experience the power of the sisterhood

They came with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. One by one, we hugged each other, spreading the warmth that arises when we embrace each other’s differences. With each word spoken, we created snapshots of memories that we’ll forever cherish. Our Fanm Djanm headwraps lined up, awaiting the strong woman whose head it would proudly decorate. We got ready. Together. Just us women. Paola's eyebrows slightly furrowed in concentration, fixing each headwrap to perfection. We laughed wholeheartedly, hearts open to the beauty, strength and pure magic found in soulful sisterhood.


The Line Austin is a beautiful space. Strategically placed lights, lush plants, plush furniture and artwork dotted the space creating the perfect atmosphere for our magical gathering. In the heart of Austin, a city that is now a home, we hosted our first Fanm Djanm sisterhood event of 2019 (more to come)! We express gratitude to The Line Austin for the collaboration.


Our Fanm Djanm kickoff event  was nothing short of magical!


Thank you to these phenomenal women for gracing us with their colorful spirits: Maureen, Oyin, Cassie, Alexandra, Kara, Kandia, Nikki, Kiana, Victoria, Brandy, Melat and Kyra


Our lovely hosts/coordinators: Paola (founder), Jessica, Toni, The Line Austin

And our phenomenal photographer : Jana