Looking for ways to rock your headwrap as you decompress after a long week of home isolation? We've got a few suggestions for you!

1. Books and Bubble Bath

Lock yourself away in the bathroom for a quiet and clean read.

2. Just Dance

Like even if someone is watching, you don't care because there will be no hateration in this dancery!

3. Solo Tea Party Anyone?

Brew up some Ginger tea and build up that immune system in style.

4. Use Your Phone-A-Friend Lifeline

Catch up with your girls or vent with your mama.

5. Play

Family playdates are always fun.

6. Dress Up To Go Nowhere

Treat yourself to a take-out dinner date then put on your favorite playlist and throw yourself a party.

7. Girls Night In

Schedule a virtual slumber party with your bff(s).

8. Do A Lot Of Nothing

Sometimes doing nothing is more than enough.