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How to Prep Your Hair Before Wrapping

How to Prep Your Hair Before Wrapping

Headwraps are a fantastic accessory that not only protect your hair but also add a touch of vibrance and elegance to every outfit. Whether you’re going for a casual or dressy look headwraps can enhance your final look effortlessly. To make sure your headwrap stays in place all day long and looks its best, it’s important to prepare your hair beforehand.  Here are four essential steps to follow before wearing a headwrap. 

 1. Moisturize or Add Oil to Your Scalp the Night Before

Scene: You’ve laid out your clothes and you know exactly what you plan to wear tomorrow down to your earrings and headwrap.

If there’s any chance you’d want to moisturize or grease your scalp the next day, take a moment and do it before bed. Doing so will allow your strands maximum absorption time while you snooze, stopping your hair from being dry and brittle and preserving the longevity of your headwrap.  For certain headwraps styles like our metallics, Woz and Zetwal, their laundering calls for them to be worn more and washed less.  By allowing hair products their time to be soaked in, the likelihood of them transferring to your headwrap the next day decreases.

 2. Place Hair in Desired Location Based on Final Style 

For example, for a back bun, you will want to pull your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head.  If you’re going for a top knot, you can create a high puff. A sleek turban requires a look that reduces bumpiness such as flat twists. This also goes for achieving a style you might not currently have the hair for.  If you have a low cut but want to create a Nefertiti crown, balling up another headwrap or a small tee to create a base can also do the trick. Additionally, creating an ultra voluminous look can be easily achieved by laying multiple headwraps on top of each other. We suggest using a stretch knit as your base.  

3. Select A Wrap for the Occasion 

There are many different wraps to choose from, each with its own unique qualities.  For a comfortable all day hold with light texture the stretch knits will be your best bet.  Reach for the ornate and luxury feel of silk wraps to create a stiffer more architectural look like a back bow.  African wax prints offer both vibrant and minimalist patterns depending what kind of mood you're in. Their all-cotton make means they are lightweight and breathable.  For a loose hold such as a single knot by the nape of the neck, rayon wraps drape beautifully and provide moisture wicking.

4. Create Your Go-to Style or Try A New Look 

Finally, create your headwrap style from memory or gain a little inspiration from our tutorials page.  In our opinion there’s nothing like a custom headwrap look.  It provides a sense of empowerment when walking into any room and is always a unique look. Preserve your hairstyle and reduce the need for constant styling and manipulation by experimenting with different looks that make you feel your best. 

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